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What payment options are available?

We accept multiple forms of payment for most auctions, unless stated otherwise.

Direct Bank Deposit

Direct bank deposits through any BNZ Bank branch, If there is not an BNZ Bank branch in your town, you can visit your regular bank and ask them to do a transfer from your account into ours. This is not instant, however, and will most likely take 1 working day to show up in our account.
Please note: Remember to ask the teller to add your auction number as the reference for the deposit, as this is the only way to tell what payment is for what order! If you forget your auction number, please use any other identifying details such as your name or email address as the reference instead.

Internet/Phone Bank Transfer

Bank transfers via Internet or phone are usually the easiest way to deposit funds into our account. Transfers usually go in overnight.
Please note: Transfers set up on a weekend or public holiday will be processed on the next business day, which means the payment will usually show on the second next business day. For example, transfers setup over the weekend will be processed Monday night and will show in our account on the following Tuesday.


Cheque is not accepted,sorry

Trademe Paynow (creditcard payment)

We also accept Credit card payment through Trademe Paynow option. Any payment been made Before 3pm in the weekdays, we will be able to ship it on the same day of payment.

Sorry.Not Available


Sorry.Not Available